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The Tsetsaut/Skii km Lax Ha Nation is an entrepreneurial-spirited Nation with a strong culture, rich history and bright future. The Tsetsaut/Skii km Lax Ha Nation has existed within our territory since time immemorial, living with and off the land, water, and resources.

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on the land.

We are, and always have been, a self-governing people, with laws and rules governing all forms of social relations, economic rights and relations with other First Nations. We have never ceded or surrendered our lands, rights to our resources or the power to make decisions within our territory.

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The territory of the Tsetsaut/Skii km Lax Ha Nation, in what is now northwestern British Columbia, contains great resource wealth, and there is increasing global demand for the Tsetsaut/Skii km Lax Ha’s mineral, water and forestry resources. The Tsetsaut/Skii km Lax Ha has a responsibility to ensure that the Nation’s lands and waters are safe from impacts of development. However, the Tsetsaut/Skii km Lax Ha also has a responsibility to its members to ensure they receive a fair share of benefits from natural resource projects in our territory. The economic and social future of the Tsetsaut/Skii km Lax Ha Nation relies on its ability to engage responsibly in business arrangements with industry to generate revenue and create employment opportunities for Tsetsaut/Skii km Lax Ha members and member businesses through partnerships, joint ventures and other development opportunities. The Tsetsaut/Skii km Lax Ha lands offer tremendous potential for responsible, sustainable development as well as unique wilderness and ecotourism experiences for visitors.

The Tsetsaut/Skii km Lax Ha Nation welcomes business, entrepreneurs and visitors to our ancestral home.